Place of birth: Jesus was born in some oasis as the verses 19:23–26 suggest, under the trunk of a palm tree with a rivulet flowing nearby: “She [Mary] conceived him [the child] and withdrew with him to a remote place [makânan qasiyya]” (19:22), a distant place, not in Jerusalem or its nearby towns. This passage clearly negates what the Gospels claim, that his birthplace was Bethlehem.

Time of birth: Jesus was born when the dates were ripe. At the time of the delivery of the child, the throes of child birth drove her to the trunk of the palm-tree (19:23). She heard a voice calling: “Shake the branch of the palm-tree, drawing it towards you, it will cause fresh and ripe dates to fall upon you” (19:24-25). Dates are not ripe at Christmas time, in the winter, when the days are cold, but during the summer months. Thus, Christmas day is not the day of Jesus birth, as the Christians are told to believe, and the learned among the Christians know quite well that he was not born in the last week of December; this time happens to be when Mithra was born.