Family Tree of Jesus


The Holy Qur’ân gives information on the ancestors of Jesus, primarily to refute the notion of his being the son of God and of his divinity. The mother of Mary is referred to as a “woman from the tribe of Amran.” We read: “(Allâh listened) when a woman of (the family of) Amran [‘Imran] said, My Lord! I do hereby vow to You what is in my womb to be dedicated (to Your service); so do accept (it) of me.” (3:35) According to the Bible, Amran (‘Imrân was the mother of Aaron and Moses [Exodus 6:20], who, according to the Holy Qur’ân, was a recipient of Divine Revelation (20:11–16). Mary is referred to as the daughter of ‘Imrân (66:12). Mary is also called the sister of Aaron. This is a reference to her family tree going back to the sister of Moses and Aaron (19:28). This sister is also mentioned in the Holy Qur’ân in verse 20:40.