Strategies of Evangelists to confuse Muslims


The wrongly conceived Qur’ânic verses regarding Jesus may mislead some to believe in incarnation. By reviving the dead and ascending to heaven, Jesus must be Son of God on earth. Muslims who believe as such have no choice but to attribute divinity to a body. Christian evangelists approach simple minded Muslims by telling them these stories and that Jesus enjoys a special and [may be] a higher status than the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) according to Qur’ân. A status that is close to his divinity. They cite in Qur’ân as Jesus being:

  • The word of God (Kalimat-Allâh; 3:45; 4:71; 19:34)
  • The Spirit of God (h-Allâh) 4:171; 3:91; 2:86; 5:110)
  • The one blessed from God (Mubârak) 19:31
  • The Mercy of God (Rahmat-Allâh) 19:21
  • The one purified by God (Zakî) 3:46
  • The one who stands (or sits) near God (Muqarrab) 3:45

At first glance, the attributes attached to Jesus may create doubts in the mind of some Muslim. In fact, none of the attributes, in any form, given to Jesus are exclusive to him. If they say, Jesus is Kalimat-Allâh (the word of God), so are all Allâh’s creatures His words, as the verse 31:27 tells you. When they say, Jesus is the Spirit of God (h Allâh), and God infused His spirit into Mary (19:17), so Allâh strengthens His sincere believers with His spirit as the verses 59:22 16:2; 32:8-9; 38:71-72; 42:53 inform you. Similarly, Jesus was not alone the recipient of Allâh’s Mercy (رَحْمَةً 19:21). Isaac and Jacob were also recipient of Allâh’s Mercy (رَحْمَةً 19:50-51). Moreover, the word Rahmat رَحْمَةً (mercy) is to be found about 115 times in the Holy Qur’ân. If Jesus received Divine Blessings (مُبَارَكًا 19:31), so did many others. Verses 6:92; 23:29; 28:30 and 50:29 will tell you what else are blessed (baraka) by God other than Jesus. Similarly there shall be many who will be muqarrab to God – that is who shall stand (or sit) near God (56:11-12 and 83:21). Jesus alone is not Zakî (3:46). Zakî are all those who are pure at heart and they believe in One and the Only God, as you read in the verses 24:21 and 91:9.